Longmeadow Board of Directors

President Thomas Ciarleglio  
Vice President Mike Allen  
Secretary Virginia Veneziano
Treasurer Amanda Nissenbaum
Member-At-Large Robert (Bob) Chenoweth


Current  / Updated List of Property Management Contacts

If you have any questions and/or need to get in touch with the management company, please contact the following:

If you have a work order that you entered, a work order you have a question on, or would like to leave a note for a manager about a work order, you can call and speak to Jodi at extension 1010 or email Jodi@Lmmre.com. She is the Admin for work orders
If you need to inquire about a payment, contact Sue at extension 1014 or Sue@Lmmre.com .  You can get help with your portal, setting up payments, your balance, etc.

Chrissy Green is the main contact for Longmeadow.  Chrissy’s info is: Chrissy@Lmmre.com and direct office line is: 475-209-5956. Email is preferred. This way if Chrissy is on a site, she may get back to you quicker. Phone calls may have a delay.

Our Property Management Company

Levey Miller, Maretz
1768 Litchfield Turnpike, Suite 1
Woodbridge, CT 06525-2354

(203) 389-5377
(203) 389-6302 Fax

Email:  info@Lmmre.com

Web site: www.lmmre.com

Link to sign-in page:  https://leveymillermaretz.appfolio.com/connect/users/sign_in

You can 'bookmark' this page for easy access.
You can even attach pictures (image) files to your work-order submission.


Association Meetings

The Board meets eight times per year in January, March, May, June, July, September, October and November on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm via ZOOM until further notice. Owners are encourage to attend. Get in touch with the management company with your email address to receive an email invitation to the meetings.

The annual meeting, to which all owners should attempt to attend (via Zoom or in person as specified) or submit a proxy, is the last Sunday of June.

Web Site

Maintained by Kit Kaolian

Aerial photos courtesy of Morgan Kaolian / AEROPIX

Longmeadow Association Contractors

General Contractor: Robert Austin

Landscaping: Milford Quality Landscaping, LLC

Roofing Contractor:  Seal Tite Contracting

Snow Removal:  Milford Quality Landscaping, LLC

Note: Only property management staff and designated board members should contact a contractor directly.

Map of Longmeadow

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