Winter, 2010-2011*


*if you may be moving, please leave this newsletter for the new owners!



Snow is coming……….


Snow removal services for the 2011-2012 season will once again be handled by D & D Snowplowing who took care of the massive amounts of snow we had last season.  What can you expect from D & D this year?  Here’s a breakdown:


D&D is contracted to remove snow when it is 1" or more. (Under 1" is treated with salt/sand mixture only). During larger snowfall, D&D will make pass throughs to assure that the roads are open and people can get out and emergency vehicles can get in.  They will come out to Longmeadow once the snow has stopped falling and will clear all the roadways first. Then they will clear the walks and parking spots, including between cars. Once they clear between the cars, residents will be asked to move their cars briefly so that the lot can be fully cleared of snow. (If you will be out of town in the winter months, please consider leaving keys to your vehicle(s) with a neighbor so that your car will not get plowed in in your absence.) D&D is contracted to finish all touch up and parking areas within 6 hours of the storm's end.  They will return the next day, if necessary, to clean up any missed spots.  Since there is such a large area that gets sun in the morning and is shady in the afternoon, melting and refreezing frequently occurs.  D & D will return to the property up to 24 hours after clean-up to touch up spots and be sure nothing was missed.  They will not return 3 or 4 days later for melting and refreezing.  Therefore, sand/salt barrels are place around the property to help residents with the problem areas of melt and refreeze.  They are already in place, so please take advantage of them!


D&D will pre-treat walkways before any known ice storm and also after the storm's end.



Residents may also want to look out for their elderly or infirm neighbors and put sand down on their steps and walkways as well.


If you have any questions or concerns about the snow removal process or the contractor, please contact Arin Hayden at Levey Miller Maretz at 203-387-9700.


The Board noticed last year that people were attempting to move cars before plows were finished with roadways.  Please clean off cars early but wait until the roadways are clear and they tell you to move your cars before attempting to do so.  This will hopefully avoid the clumps of snow and ice between cars. Please move your car back to your numbered or normal space after the space has been cleared.  It doesn’t help if you just leave your car somewhere else and that space doesn’t get plowed.    


VACATIONERS:  While you are away, the car you leave behind can create enormous problems for your neighbors.  Please be sure to leave a key with someone so that your car can be moved in case of a storm.  Not only will your neighbors thank you, you will be much happier when you return and your neighbors aren’t yelling at you!


If you are elderly or otherwise less agile, we recommend you stay inside during icy or snowy conditions and wait until the plows have a chance to

put down sand/salt and give it a chance to work before you venture out.  No one needs broken bones to remind himself how dangerous ice can be!  If any of your neighbors are elderly and should not be walking in the snow, please volunteer to take their car keys and move their car(s) out of the way when you move yours.


Just A Reminder:  shut off and drain your outside faucet to avoid freezing and flooding during the winter months.



Special Meeting of the Association, November 2011


The Board thanks those of you who took the time to show up for the special owner’s meeting in November.  Those of you who were in attendance and the earlier Annual Meeting of the Association learned about our problems with water drainage on Greenwich Way, Jackson Drive, and parts of Penn Common.  Longmeadow has 81 units with crawl spaces throughout the property; 61 of these have issues with water and there are numerous areas that have water drainage problems outside of the units.  The work went out to bid and two different quotes were received for the work with Robert Austin, LLC being the lowest bidder.  At the November meeting, the Association approved special financing for the project with 51% approval or 111 votes (2 “no’s” and 1 abstain).  The Board and management company are moving forward with seeking out funding for part of this project through a $500,000 line of credit with The Milford Bank, converting after 15 months into a 7 or 10 year loan.  We will let owners know the end result of the financing. 


We hope to start work on the drainage in the spring of 2012.  Crawl spaces will be fixed on a “worst case comes first” basis.  The management and Board are aware of the issues, so there is no need to turn in a work request for any crawl space issue you may notice. 



Christmas Trees              


For those of you who have a live cut tree, please do not discard it in, or place it alongside, any dumpster.  Please place it either on your back patio or on the side of your unit for collection.  (During winter storms, trees blow around and end up in the roads or against cars.)


Christmas trees will be collected during the 2-3 weeks following the holiday. 









Animals and Pets


As always, we have to make our appeal -- Please! Please! Please! Clean up after your dog.  People are becoming very lax about this and, as winter approaches, it is very important that you clean up before everything freezes into unsightly clumps.


Remember: there is to be no chaining, leashing, or tethering of any animal outside of your unit at any time -- not even if you think your pet is harmless!  For those of you who have chosen to install back patio fencing, dogs are NOT to be left on the back patio – they should be on a leash with you at all times, and are not allowed to be loose.  Please let’s keep everyone safe!


DO NOT leave food outside or otherwise feed any wild animals (including squirrels) anywhere on Longmeadow property.  This has become a problem in many areas.  Even if you 'think' you are only feeding birds, you may be attracting unwanted wildlife: the skunks, raccoons, muskrats, geese, and rodents that live in the "protected" marshlands running next to our homes.


Work Requests, Maintenance and Emergencies


Requests for maintenance should be addressed directly to Levey Miller Maretz by filling out a work request form.  Work request forms can be found on the outside of the clubhouse in the black mailbox.  Once filled in, please keep one copy for your records and place the balance of the forms in the gold slot at the clubhouse.  You will hear back from the management association within a reasonable amount of time concerning your request.  Please don’t address maintenance items verbally with any of the workers you see around the complex.  They can’t handle the problem – and are not responsible for reporting it to the management company.  Every work request is scheduled through Levy Miller Maretz.  With cold weather fast approaching, please be especially vigilant for sounds of running water. Emergencies should be called in immediately to Levy Millar Maretz at 203-387-9700.



Important Contact Information


Your Board is always available to help with problems, but in most cases there is little a Board member can do except relay your call to the appropriate channels.  Remember, there are 215 units and it is impossible to remember every time someone mentions a potential problem.  The following numbers are to help you when you need to decide who to call or how to take action:



In Case of:

EMERGENCY, fire or health ………………….Call 911

Gas Leaks……………………..Call 1-800-513-8898

Urgent maintenance issues,

  such as frozen pipes, no

  water,  running water,

  serious water leaks…………...Call Levey Miller

                                        Maretz  203-387-9700

Other non-urgent repairs…Fill out work request

Landscaping issues…….…...Fill out work request

Plowing issues           call Levey Miller Maretz


General comments…………..….Write your Board


Your Clubhouse


With the newly-refinished hardwood floors and a new refrigerator downstairs, the clubhouse is a perfect venue for holiday parties and is available for rental! Please contact Levy Miller Maretz at 203-387-9700 to reserve the clubhouse now! Contact any board member if you would like to use the clubhouse for uses other than parties, such as for meetings, recurring events, etc.  Special pricing is available for these events or for events geared towards Longmeadow residents!



Dumpster Etiquette


You may have noticed new signs posted on the dumpsters.  This is just a reminder that dumpsters are to be used for normal household garbage.  Building materials, mattresses, furniture, propane tanks and any other flammable items, rolled up carpets, etc., are not to be placed in or alongside dumpsters.  Any resident noticing someone putting the above items in a dumpster should contact Levy Miller Maretz immediately with the person’s name and unit number so that the appropriate action can be taken.


When possible, please throw your trash to the back of the dumpster so that it doesn’t clog the doors.  This is particularly important with the holidays around the corner and the large amounts of trash generated.


Bulk Trash


All bulk trash items such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, furniture, tires, etc. are not to be placed in dumpsters.  The City of Milford provides bulk trash pickup during the summer – typically in July or August – and you will receive a notice when our bulk trash pick-up is scheduled.

Some things you should be checking....


Owners are reminded that they are responsible for the internal plumbing and items that can leak and cause damage.  These items must be inspected regularly.   Water heaters have a finite life (usually not much beyond the warranty period!) – usually around 5 years -- and will eventually leak.  It is a good idea to inspect hot water heaters before a large serious leak develops.  If your washing machine is still connected to the hot and cold water supply with old rubber hoses, they should be replaced with flexible metal burst-proof hoses.  Any signs of leakage or swelling in a hose is a sign that the hose is about to burst.  Again, flexible metal burst-proof hoses are the way to go. 


Do you have a dish washing machine?  Have you checked the flexible hot-water hose feeding it?  Again, rubber hoses have a very finite life.  This host too should be replaced if it is rubber (definitely if more than 10 years old or if it is of questionable quality).  For the dishwasher too, the metal flexible burst-proof hoses are the way to go. 


Dryer air vent hoses or ducts should be periodically cleared of lint to improve the efficiency of the dryer and reduce the risk of fire.  A unit owner can be held responsible for consequential damages to their own property and that of their neighbors if it is due to his or her negligence.  Condominium living is not totally maintenance free and free of responsibilities.  Maintenance and safety items are a great investment…and some may make the perfect gift for someone who thinks he or she has everything!


It’s best to call a plumber and have him replace all the hoses in your unit at the same time – it saves time and will save you worries in the end!


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors....


It is very important for Longmeadow residents to have both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in their units.  Longmeadow units are heated with gas and C02 can build up to deadly levels without anyone knowing about it.  Unlike gas, you cannot smell C02.  If the smoke and C02 detector units are over 5 years old, if is best to replace them.  They have a finite useful life.  Follow the instructions on the packaging for proper placement locations and intervals.  If you did not replace the batteries during this past year, then they should be replaced as soon as possible.  The rule of thumb is every time you change your clocks, you should change the batteries in your smoke and C02 detectors!


CO2 detectors should be in each sleeping area at minimum.  And remember, neither smoke or CO2 detectors will detect and warn you of leaking natural gas!  If you smell gas, call the gas company immediately or 911.