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Updated January 2023

Contact Information

Q:  How to I Contact Someone, like the Property Manager or the Board?

A: For contact information for the Property Management and / or the Board, go here: Board and Property Management zone.

Online Bill Payments - Paying your Longmeadow common charge or special assessment payments online.

Q:  Can I pay by common charges online?
A:  Yes.  Our current management company CPE Property Management Solutions wants everyone to do so.

The information you typically need to provide your financial institution is: They will not be accepting common charge payments at the clubhouse drop box. You now pay your common charges online. They are requesting all residents please set up their online accounts. You will also submit work orders there and much more.



Q: When does the Association's Board of Directors meet?  May I attend?

A:  The Board meets the third Tuesday of every month, 7:00 pm, now on Zoom.  Any owner wishing to meet with the board may.  Please request to meet beforehand, you can ask (email) any board member..  Typically the board will put you first on the meeting agenda.



Q:  When are recyclables collected?

A: The new recycle pickup day is Tuesday (early morning).  Now that the recycle pickup is every Tuesday, it will be easier for residents to recycle more things. Remember recycling should include clean cardboard. (Small cardboard boxes, such as from empty cereal boxes and the like can be flattened and stacked in a paper bag and put out with recycling.). As always, check out the "Information and FAQ" section of this web site for detailed information about recycling.

Q:  How to I get an(other) blue recycling bin? 
A:  The blue recycling bins can be obtained from the City of Milford Public Works Office located at 83 Ford Street.  Hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The cost (at the time of publication) is $6.50 and it is paid by check or money order made out to "City of Milford".
You can also buy nice blue recycling bins, of various sizes and shapes, that may better server your needs from places like Home Depot.

Q:  What plastics are we required to recycle.
 *UPDATED* The recycling station that gets our plastics recyclables will accept recyclable plastics #1 through #7.   Never put any plastic bag in the recycling bin, even if it has the triangle recyclable logo.

Q: Can I put plastic bags in the recycle bins?

A: You should never put plastic bags in your recycle bin. This includes newspaper bags, grocery bags, bags inside cereal boxes, the plastic vacuum seal around water pallets, etc. They clog and shut down machinery at the recycling plant. They also contaminate the end materials when they get mixed in with other recycles. You may be able to recycle those clean plastic items in the bag collection receptacle at most grocery stores.


Q:  What we can recycle and when are the recyclables collected?
A:  The official explanation of that and much more according to what is mandated by the City of Milford is here. 
A high-level look at the recycling process
is in the: “The Recycling Cycle” page.


How Will Milford's New Single Stream Recycling Program Impact Longmeadow?

The City of Milford does not collect garbage and recycling from Longmeadow and other Milford condominiums.  Longmeadow contracts with private companies for both the recycling and garbage pickup.

Longmeadow has had single stream recycling for a while. We have been recycling such things as clean cardboard and paper in addition to newspaper and we have not needed to separate glass from plastics and metals, for example, in our bins. All items may be placed together into the bin. There is no need to sort the materials. All items must be free of food and garbage.

Continue to recycle clean cardboard, such as from cereal boxes (without any liner) ad the like.  Flattening the boxes and putting them in paper bags is a good way to present such materials.  Large cardboard boxes should be 'broken down' and flattened and tied together to form a neat stack.

Residents of Longmeadow will continue to use the current blue bins.  There are no immediate plans to obtain larger bins.  The City will not be giving the large green bins to condominium units.

The recycling changes affecting Longmeadow are primarily that we can recycle more items.

  • All plastics #1 through #7
  • Printed matter:  Recycling includes Corrugated and chipboard paper, cereal and juice boxes, tissue boxes, paper egg cartons, pasta boxes, shoe boxes, packing boxes, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, catalogs, paper bags, school and office papers.

Keep checking Longmeadow06460.com for updates.   Stay posted for more details as we get them..

Parking / Visitor Parking

Q: Where shall my visitors and guests park?

A: There are two visitor parking areas at Longmeadow.  One is at the end of Salem Walk, the unnumbered spaces facing the pool.  One would enter from the Salem Walk (westernmost) driveway.  The other parking area is at the end of Jackson Drive.  One would enter the Greenwich Way (easternmost) driveway and continue to the end.   The visitor spaces are the unnumbered spaces around the island.   Both visitor parking areas are in back near the clubhouse and pool.  Residents of households with more than one car may wish to park the vehicle that is used less frequently in the visitor's parking area as a courtesy to help alleviate the shortage of unnumbered spots in areas where parking is tight.  A map of Longmeadow is presented in the Information and FAQ section of our web site.

Condominium Unit Rental

Q:  Can an owners rent out their units?

A:  Yes.  The owner or rental agent should give a copy of the rules and regulations to the tenant.  The owner should give a copy of the lease to the property management company along with contact information.  The owner is responsible for the tenant:  For example, if a tenant repeatedly leaves his dog out without a leash, any Longmeadow Association-imposed fines would be levied against the unit owner.

Alterations to the exterior or interior of your unit

Q:  I think I need a new front door (or back door, or patio slider).  How to I replace it?

A:  The doors, windows, and generally all exterior items are common elements.  They are not the property of any individual unit owner.  You just need to submit a work order and the property managed will take it from there.  If a replacement is deemed necessary, due to normal wear and tear, it will be done at no cost to the unit owner.   It will be done with a replacement that matches the condominium's standard design(s) and you can be assured of the quality, conformity and safety of the repair.

The exception is with storm doors and screens.  The repair, replacement and maintenance  of the storm door, the screens on the windows and the patio slider screen are the responsibility of the unit owner.  New windows or patio solder will come with a new screen, of course.  But, the ongoing responsibly of maintaining the screen remains with the owner .

Q:  Can I replace my front door (for example) at my own expense? I am in a rush and I have a fancy design in mind.

A:  You should first contact the board, preferably in writing.  All repairs or replacements of common elements, such as a front door, must be of the approved designs.  Those front door styles are the same four styles that were part of the original construction.  All repairs must be made by a licensed contractor approved by the board.  All common events are owned by the association, not any individual unit owner.

In short, it is much less expensive and mush less work for you to submit a work request and have the property manager effect a repair or replacement as deemed necessary.  You can use the online work request form.

Q:  I like to garden.  I would like to plant flowers and a couple scrubs around my unit. OK?

A:  Flowers must be placed along the limited common area.  That is, you should not extend your garden past two  feet form the foundation, or in the back, past the perimeter of the patio slab.  Shrubs must be of an approved type since they are a somewhat permanent fixture and necessitate continual upkeep.  Please contact the board with your plan first for approval.  If you have dead or otherwise sickly shrubs, you may turn in a work order request and ask that it be considered for replacement.

All unit owners and residents need to understand, once a plant is put into the ground, it is no longer the property of the individual unit owner.

Q:  What if an interior water pipe bursts or leaks?

A:  Good question.  Plumbing near the toilet or sink, such as the flexible hoses and faucets are the unit owner's responsibility.  The water heater is the unit owner's  responsibility.  But from inside the wall on back, which is much of the plumbing in a unit, it may be considered a common element and the unit owner should contact the property manager.   If there is a emergency outside of business hours, the property manager's answering service can page someone  who can return your call.  If warranted a nighttime or weekend dispatch can be made. 
    In all cases the official position is stated in the Bylaws and the amendments to it.  It is the unit owner's responsibility to read and understand the bylaws. 

Q:  I would like to remodel my basement, is that OK?

A:  Owners should contact the board in writing to get an official position on your proposal.  Board approval does not supersede approval from the City, and all laws, statutes and regulations must be followed.  (For example, it may not permitted to construct a bedroom in a basement even if the board approved it).  Unit owners often fail to understand that the basement is a "limited common area".  "Limited common area" means it is not owned by the individual unit owner, but it is however for the exclusive use of the unit owner.  Neighbors can't start playing pool or storing stuff in the basement below (or attic above) your unit, you have exclusive use of it of course.   Because the basement and attic are limited common area,  the storage of items is at the unit owner's risk.  The association has no labiality, say if a basement floods, to repair or replace a pool table or other personal items damaged.  The good news is that basement with chronic water seepage problem may be repaired at no direct cost to  the unit owner since it is a common element.  Unit owner's should consult the bylaws and get an official position from the board before undertaking any project in a limited common area.


Q:  I see parties at the clubhouse.   How can one use the clubhouse, what does it cost?
A:  You, as a unit owner, can rent the clubhouse on 75 Jackson Drive for private events.  Kitchen facilities and restrooms are on the lower level.  Our property manager should be contacted to book the clubhouse.  The fee is $100.  There is a $50 security deposit.

If you own more than one unit, be sure to set up and pay each separately.  This is important for both the common charge and, if applicable, any special assessment payments.  Many institutions now allow scheduling payments automatic payments which you can set up for payment on or around the first of each month.

Q:  When are my common charges due? What if I am late?
A:  By the 10th of each month.  A late fee of $15.00 will be levied against your account.


Q:  Where can I get a copy of the By-laws?
A:  Contact the property management office.

Q:  I see parties at the clubhouse.   How can one use the clubhouse, what does it cost?
A:  You, as a unit owner, can rent the clubhouse on 75 Jackson Drive for private events.  Kitchen facilities and restrooms are on the lower level.  The property manager should be contacted to book the clubhouse.  The fee is $100.  There is a $50 security deposit.

You can submit questions via email to any board member.  Selected questions and answers will be posted here.