Recycling is something all of us must do.            

   Updated July 1, 2011

Each unit is provided with a recycling bin; if you do not have one please contact either Rolar Management or the board.   Your recycling bin will be picked up every other Monday and if you are not sure of the correct day either ask you neighbors or look for the many recycling bins that are placed outside the night before.  Here are the items that can be placed into your recycling bin. 

All plastics #1-7

Plastic: Empty juice, soda, water, milk and laundry detergent bottles, or any container with a #1 in the recycling triangle located on the bottom of all plastic containers. Rinse, leave labels on, discard caps, flatten large no deposit items. The only exception to this Motor Oil or Antifreeze containers, they contain a hazardous material and do not go in the bin.  Do not put any plastic bags in the recycle bin.

Glass: Empty, unbroken bottles and jars; clear, brown and green glass. Rinse, leave labels on, discard caps. No drinking glasses, Pyrex, mirrors, window glass, light bulbs, ceramic or broken glass.

Metal: Empty food and beverage cans, clean aluminum food trays. Rinse, leave labels on. No spray cans, paint cans, coat hangers or metal household items. Foil trays and other foil items can't be recycled by our recycler, look for 100% aluminum only to put in the blue bin.

Cardboard: Cardboard and cardboard boxes must be neatly flattened and tied

Newspapers & Junk Mail: Unsoiled newspapers only, including inserts that are in the newspapers when purchased.  Also, junk mail and magazines now can be accepted too.  You have two options on how you can submit these items.  They can either be tied with twine or placed in a paper bag.

Telephone Books:
Phone books should not be placed in the blue recycling bins, they can not be recycled with newspapers.  You can still do the right thing; the following information is from the AT&T Office:

The New Haven Telephone directory is distributed in mid November to mid December. Residents of Milford are considered primary to the AT&T Telephone directory. Each year during this time AT&T will be placing containers at various locations to collect the old directories. However in the meantime you can call: (800) 953-4400. Then just follow the number instructions to enter your zip code.

The annual condominium Bulk Trash pickup is typically  in June.  There are Prohibited Materials. The following items will not be picked up so they should not be placed at the Bulk Trash Pick-up area.

  • Batteries
  • Commercial Items
  • Logs and Stumps
  • Concrete or cement
  • Any item requiring more than 2 men to pick up
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Liquid Waste, oil based paint, motor oil
  • Propane Tanks (regardless whether they are empty or not)
  • Grass Clippings
  • Sheetrock and Demolition material

Sheetrock & Demolition will no longer be accepted at the Transfer Station so it must be brought to:

Waste Conversion
221 Old Gate Lane
Milford, CT 06460-3652

(203) 882-5840

Remember, recycling not only helps to keep America Beautiful it also helps the environment; you are also conserving resources and saving energy.

The Recycling Cycle

What happens to the recyclables that we put in the blue bins?
Bob Fiore did some research and this is what he found: This Recycling Cycle article provides a simple illustration of the processes.  This a great page to show kids to help get them engaged in recycling.