Longmeadow Condominium Association

Work Request Form


Description of issue:

  Owner living in the unit             Owner not living in the unit 
    Resident other than owner.  Relationship: 

Name:           Phonel:    

Signature:  __________________________

1.  Fill out work request form, preferably online in your browser.
2.  Print out and sign the completed form. (If you plan on faxing the form electronically and can't print and sign it, explain that in the text and expect a call-back to confirm.)
3.  Send the completed request to Levey Miller Maretz Management, Longmeadow's property manager, via one on the following methods (in all cases, retain a copy for yourself):

    a.)  Fax the form to  Levey Miller Maretz  FAX: 203-389-6302
            (Retain the original and fax confirmation.)
    b.)  Drop off the request at the clubhouse mail slot.
    c.)  Mail the request to:

    Levey Miller Maretz
    1768 Litchfield Turnpike
    Woodbridge, CT 06525

    (203) 387-9700
    (203) 389-6302 Fax

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