Longmeadow Condominium Association
2014 Approved Shrubbery List

Take this list with you when you look.
Only these shrubbery varieties may be chosen.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  All varieties of Arborvitae are now NOT approved.  No new plantings of Arborvitae of any kind are allowed.  Unfortunately, since 2009 we had allowed the dwarf Oriental variety, and the wide Rheingold, and people bought the larger, tall, varieties. 
Also: The Japanese barberry is now considered an "invasive" species and can't be planted so that has been removed.  Any species considered invasive by any agency supersedes our rules and regulations.

Any planting must be done according to instructions.  E.g.  If the recommend spacing is 3 feet, do not plant shrubs 1.5 feet apart.

• Azalea
• Japanese Barbary - ‘Crimson Area’, ‘Nana’
• Burning Bush (Dwarf) - ‘Euonymus alatus compactus’ Only this DWARF variety.
• Boxwood (Korean & Regular)
• Daphne - ‘Carol Mackie’
• Euonymus – ‘Emerald’, ‘Emerald Gold’
• Hydrangea - ‘Preziosa’
• Rhododendron - ‘Yakushima’,  ‘Catawba’
• Rose (Knockout).  Again, only this dwarf variety.
• Spruce - ‘Little Gem’,  ‘Birds Nest’
• Viburnum - ‘Davidii’,  ‘Nanum’
• Yews (Horizontal is preferred)