Garden Area Rules and Regulations

(Revised April 2010)

Condominium living requires Rules and Regulations so that our outward appearance is neat, attractive and uncluttered.  Although our condominium properties are unique in that there are many styles of units, we need to have a uniform set of rules regardless of the street on which you live.  The garden rules and regulation were developed for ease of maintenance, to keep the costs of maintenance at a minimum, to ensure safety for others, and have a cohesive appearance throughout the complex.  It is important when maintaining property values that attention is paid to the appearance of our common ground and limited common grounds.  In other words, if you don’t see an item specifically addressed here, please don’t do it.



§  Trees are not to be planted by any owner or resident. (See Section III-Grounds A)

§  Building brick or stone wells around tree trunks or any other installation is discouraged.  But no taller than 3 standard bricks high.

  • Garden statuary is allowed up to a height of 15”, and with a limit of no more than 5 pieces in the front garden areas and 5 pieces in the back garden areas. 
  • Artificial flowers are not allowed in either front or back.
  • No planters, pots or urns are to placed on sidewalks or lawn areas.
  • Nothing must be hung from any tree (i.e., windsocks, birdfeeders or plants, etc.)
  • Birdfeeders must each be on their own poles and placed within garden areas only, not in the lawn.
  • Residents are not allowed to use any chemicals other than a standard fertilizer or weed killer such as “Round Up”.

§  Trellises or arbors are NOT allowed.

§  Gardens may not be expanded in size without written permission from the Board of Directors.

  • Nothing is to be growing on or attached to the redwood fences behind each unit or on the unit itself.

§  Climbing vines of any type are not permitted.

§  Shepherd hooks are allowed but must be placed within the garden area not in the lawn.  They must also be removed by November 30th.

§  A maximum one (1) wind chime or one (1) windsock is permitted per unit and is not allowed to be placed on poles in the lawn.

§  No AstroTurf is allowed on either the front or back cement areas.




§  For the replacement of dead shrubbery a work order must be filled out and submitted.  The Association will replace it at an appropriate time. Residents who do not want to wait and wish to replace their own shrubbery must get written permission from the Longmeadow Board of Directors and will receive a list of approved bushes for replacement.



Flower Gardens:

  • Bedding plants or small low-growing perennials, annual flowers, spring bulbs or rhizomes (such as crocus, tulips, and iris) are allowed.

§  All summer and fall annuals must be removed by November 30th.

  • Small garden flags are permitted with a limit of 2 per unit.


  • Edging must be less than 6” in height.

§  Garden edging must have the “look” of stone or brick. It may be made of stone, brick, plastic or concrete but must be of a neutral color such as terra cotta, natural stone, brick or green. No fence type (wire, picket, or fancy plastic) edging will be allowed.

§  Residents may not increase the garden area without written permission from the Board.



  • All mulch must be of natural brown coloration (i.e. Natural or Cocoa).
  • No gravel, rocks or stones. When the lawns are mowed they may become flying projectiles.


Solar Lights:

  • Matching low intensity solar lights are acceptable with no more than 5 lights per unit.  Lights must be placed within the garden perimeter only.  Those placed along unit walkways or in lawn areas are not permitted and will be removed.
  • Only white or clear bulbs or lens will be allowed.
  • No permanent hard wired garden lights are allowed.
  • Seasonal decorative lighting must not be placed on any shrubbery or fencing except for holiday lighting as specified below.


      Holiday Decorations or Lighting:

§  Holiday Decorations or Lighting shall not be installed any earlier than December 1st and must be removed no later than January 15th.


  • If you have shrubs beyond your patio in place of a garden, you must write to the Board of Directors for approval if replacement shrubs are needed.  You must also submit a sketch of where the shrub(s) are to be placed. At that time the Board will provide you with a list of approved shrubs.

§  Residents may request in writing, to be allowed to create a garden in front of the original patio area. Back gardens or removable paver extensions may not go beyond 2 (two) feet of the original concrete slab and must be pitched away from the unit to avoid water problems.

  • Nothing is to be growing or hung on the redwood fences between units.

§  Tool Storage Sheds – (See Section 1-F) these are to be temporary neutral colored (beige) and not to exceed 36” in height x 24” wide x 18” deep.  Only 1 storage shed per unit.

Rear Patio Fencing

§  The Association has selected a very limited removable, height, design and material for fencing approval.  The approved fencing is available at or through Lowe’s Home Center. 

§  No permanent installation of fencing is or will be allowed.

§  Fencing installed without prior written approval from the Board will be subject to removal.  See the following Rear Patio Fencing Installation Guidelines and Procedures Section as well as picture and description if interested.

§  No fencing or otherwise enclosure of the back patio is allowed without a prior written request from the unit owner and prior approval in writing from the Association’s Board of Directors. 

§  Installation of fencing will not preclude strict adherence to the rules and regulations requiring dogs to be leashed and attended at all times!


Application Request and Rear Patio Fencing Installation Guidelines

¨       Along with the request for fencing must be a diagram of the proposed configuration and location of the fencing sections and gate location or opening is to be placed.

¨       The fencing must not extend beyond the unit’s “limited common areas” as listed in Back Garden section.


Garden Zone EMPIRE Fence Base Unit

30in high x 47in wide


Item #:  19299

Model #:  061115

Please be aware that any items placed in any garden or patio area, are placed at your own risk.  Should maintenance be necessary, items may need to be removed at your expense.

Garden Zone EMPIRE Fence Gate Unit

29in high x 38in wide


Item #:  19632

Model #:  061160