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SUmmer 2021 New Pool Rules + Hold Harmless Agreement

Recall June 2, 2021 there was a special meeting to vote on new pool rules adn the Hold-harmless agreement. That passed.  They took effect June 5.  See the PDF for a copy of the hold-harmless agreement whcich pool and amenties users must sign.  Also, here is an update of the pool rules, current as of August 9, 2021.

Pool Notice - Rules - Effective August 9, 2021

This is for "Common Amenities, such as the pool."

Longmeadow HHA Pool Waiver.pdf


Longmeadow Board Meetings are on Zoom - 3rd Tuesday of the month

Notice for meeting: 3rd Tuesday of the month, Longmeadow Association.  Zoom link information is emailed out to owners. You may contact the property manager to get on the mailing list and get the Zoom link. 

Bulk pickup will be Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The 2021 date for condo bulk pickup is early Wednesday morning June 9.  You will need to put items starting Saturday June 5 in the special roped-off areas adjacent to the Salem Walk visitors' parking lot and the pool.
Please read what is acceptable and what items are prohibited from bulk pickup.

We will have an area set up as we always do in front of the pump station.

Please do not put items out before we set up the area the weekend before the 9th.

Hazardous waste
Liquid Waste including oil-based paint
Propane Tanks
Grass clippings, logs, and stumps
Sheetrock, concrete/cement, bricks, porcelain tubs, sinks or toilets and other demolition material
-----Residential Haz Waste drop-off dates will be noticed once the schedule is available. See for more information.
-----Paints including Oil Based & Latex may be dropped off to Colony Paint,

-----Propane Tank drop-off dates will be noticed once the schedule is available.

Annual Owners' Meeting for 2020 Held Tuesday July 21 via Zoom

The second attempt at an annual meeting was held July 21, and this time the meeting met a quorum.
Below is an *unofficial* summary of meeting notes taken by Kit who maintains this site.  The notes below and *not* meeting meetings and should not be construed as such and not guaranteed to be complete or 100% accurate.  Official meeting meetings will be released by the Board of Directors.

  • The Longmeadow Board of Directors meets monthly, on the third Tuesday of the month, normally In the clubhouse, but during the COVID pandemic meetings have been held via Zoom.  Meetings are open to the unit owners. Please contact any board member if you wish to attend.  Notice of meetings are also distributed via email, any owner not on the Longmeadow email distribution list should request to be on it.

  • The Board continuing working on amending legal documents to bring them up to Connecticut statutes.  We are still under the original documents of the 1970’s, Progress has been made, there is still a few months of work, discussions, remaining. .  A ‘ Q & A’ session will be given prior to any  owner voting and implementation of changes.

  • We have six unit sales so far this year  (into July 2020).   In 2019 there were 17 sales within Longmeadow. For this year, so far 81 work orders have been completed  and 41 are open.

  • COVID has not materially impacted the finances of the Association.

  • Mentioned as a reminder, one can use the Portal on the  LMM  web site to open a work order.  Emergencies should be called in to the LMM Office, 203 387 0700  and calls can be  connected to emergency call center.

  • Two board positions were up for election, those currently held by Ruth Nappe and Mike Allan. The only two nominees were Ruth and Mike, therefor there was no need for a balotting and vote. Ruth and Mike remain on the Board.  Any discussion or voting by the Board of Directors for who assumes what position is done after the meeting among themselves. Look here for the news to that effect.

  • Owner comments included that people should be recycling clean cardboard.  If a box is put in a dumpster it should be broken down and flattened. Thanks to Bob Steady for setting up the bulk pickup area, bulk pickup was in mid-July and was successful. (FYI, this web site news page has information about taking bulk items to the Milford dump).

  • We have has some increase of rodents in certain areas.  Traps are out.  We contracted Connecticut Pests, they ae the ones which put out the traps out and did the salesmen:  Bird feeders and bird seed on the ground is contributing to the issues.  Resides are encouraged to remove bird feeders and keep things clear of food.

  • Longmeadow Pool. Decision made, as emailed a few weeks ago, largely based on discussions with our  attorney  (on retainer) the decision was made to keep the pool closed for the year.

  •  There are several electric meters that are not property attached (pulling away) to their respective buildings.  We have 15 building that will be impacted.  We will need to engage contractors to secure and replace the meters, and bring the installation up to code. The total cost for Longmeadow is projected to be over 100,000.  We will have our Attorney review things to ensure we only pay for what we are responsible. 

  • Flood Insurance:  In the past we have covered 80% and the unit owners were responsible for $20.  As the Association renews its polices it will be renewed to cover 100%.  This means, as each building’s flood insurance is renewed, any unit owners’ who are carrying flood insurance for his or her portion of the building of the “20%” will not need to.

  • The meeting adjorned a few minutes after 9:00.

  • Update: The current (including newly-reelected Board members have retained their same positions

The 2020 Annual Association meeting was July 21. The two positions up for election were filled by the two incumbents, who were nominated.  There was no vote tallying since there were two nominees and two positions up for election.  The Board met after the adjournment of the annual meeting to determine who will fill each position.  The current board of directors positions remain (no changes):


Summer 2020

We Have the best-looking Hydrants in Milford

Bob Fiore has volunteered his time once again to paint the fire hydrants here in Longmeadow. Bob has been doing this for over a decade, however, this time he brought it up a notch, so after using a wire brush on his power drill, he cleaned each hydrant thoroughly, then primed them both before applying two coats of the Connecticut Fire Code approved yellow paint. The fire hydrants were done in four stages, so it took four days to complete.

Bob saw the terrible condition of the two fire hydrants in front of our condo along Merwin Avenue, and the other one on Dunbar Road, so he took it upon himself to beautify those.

Bob Fiore is known both here in Milford and throughout Connecticut when it comes to volunteering his time to help in the community. We truly appreciate all he does for Longmeadow Condos.


Longmeadow Certificate of Insurance

Looking to get proof of insurance for your mortgage company?  See the Document and Forms page on this website.

Check out the Document and Forms Page.


Fall 2019 Updates

We have a new primary property manager at Levey Miller Maretz:  Deann Uberti.  Deann is a long time HOA manager and will be the lead person for us moving forward.  Deann can be reached at the LMM office, and emailed at

With temperatures expecting to dropping below freezing, if you have a water / hose spigot on the side of your unit, please ensure that you shut the water off (at the shut off valve inside in your basement or crawl space). Please do not leave any hose attached to the outdoor spigot.  Leave the outdoor spigot open unless it leaks (contact us if that is the case).

We have hired Milford quality Landscape and we hope this new snow contractor is a great addition for many years.   We plan on updating the bathrooms in the clubhouse this winter.

2019 Paving Project Work Done This Year

This year the work comprised some walkways on Greenwich Way and on Jackson Drive and some of Penn Common,   In 2019 there was no paving of parking lot surfaces. In 2020 the current goal is to pave more walkways and part of the road surface of Greenwich Way.

New July 2019 to July 2020 Certificate of Insurance

New - July 23 2019 to July 23 2020 Certificate of Insurance  You can save this to your PC and use this for your mortgage company, etc.  This is also under the "Documents and Forms" section

  2019 Certificate of Insurance


Summer 2019 Longmeadow Newsletter - important information inside!

... Spring newsletter .....We ask that you read it and become familiar with all the rules, requests, schedules at Longmeadow.  We have a good amount of turnover in the last couple of years and we want to remind folks that anything that involves the outside of the unit is in common and needs to be OK'd by the board, or needs to be followed in your rules.  This includes things like garden planters (no more than 5 allowed in the front or rear, and they should not be more than 15" tall) and this also includes Bldg alterations.  If you are going to install something in your unit and it penetrates the exterior, it must go through the board (like high efficiency furnace/water heater going out the rear wall of the unit.) 

  Summer 2019 Newsletter



Some great points at the Annual meeting - shared from Property manager's email. 

  • If you are an owner, with a Renter, you need to tell the management office you have a renter, give their info to the office, and make all the rules clear to that renter.
  • Please remember that we pay extra when you dump stuff in the dumpsters and dump items around the dumpsters that don't belong there.
  • If you are doing work in your unit, it must be permitted, you must give the management office the Contractors license and Insurance and the work should be done during regular hours and expedited as fast as you can. NOTHING that is part of the outside is to be changed, this includes doors and windows. --
  • We did a reserve study this past year and that is public, so, if you need or want it you are welcome to a copy. -Please remember the Pool rules: No Jumping or Diving, if you have children you need to watch them and of course, you must be an owner/renter or a guest of owner or renter--
  • You must check in when you arrive at the pool. Thank you, Arin Hayden-Manager Levey Miller Maretz Management

Longmeadow Winter 2018 - 2019 Newsletter

    Longmeadow Winter 2018-2019 Newsletter PDF

Winter Letter from Our Property Manager

Happy New Year everyone!!!
Hope the holidays treated you well!!!! Just some quick notes for this time of the year:

We have had 2 units have Toilet feed lines burst and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Please inspect your shut off valves and your lines from the wall to your toilet. They should be braided lines per the maintenance standards and you should have working valves. IF you don’t have those two things, please get them done right away.

Please be checking all areas of your unit to be sure everything is in good condition/not frozen—Better safe than sorry.

Use caution with your animals and the Ice melt chemicals—We must use these chemicals to avoid slip and falls, but it may not agree with your pet, so take heed!

Make sure your doors and windows are closed and if you can add insulation around your doors and especially in your attics it is highly recommended. Not only will it save you lots of money but it will protect the building and avoid mold in the summer and ice damming in the winter. If you desire to insulate a crawlspace you can use Roxul but you must be sure that the you only use Roxul as it is not a natural product, and you should have a dehumidifier as well.

It is so easy to do the right thing! Disposing of Your Bulk Items, Electronics and Such

It is so easy to do the right thing! Taking your bulk items, old TVs, computers, all electronics (big and small), mattresses, furniture, etc. to the Milford Transfer Station ( what one might incorrectly call 'the dump') is really easy and costs nothing.

When you put mattresses, TVs, and other bulk, and sometimes hazardous, items in our dumpsters, this is harmful to the environment, disrupts the waste management process, and can cause the Association (which is you) money.

It is very easy and convenient!. Take all such items to the Milford Transfer station, it is located off exit 35, off Bic Drive, 755 Oronoque Road (not far from near Caswell Cove along the Housatonic)

Address: 755 Oronoque Road. Milford, CT
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(Closed for Lunch - 12:00 to 12:30)

Saturday Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (extended to 3pm April - November)

Milford Transfer Station

Milford Transfter Station Web Page.


Woodmont Volunteer Library - Just a couple blocks away - Check out the Kids' Programs

Woodmont Volunteer Library  ..16 Dixon Street  @...Fannie Beach Center 203 874 5675

Preschool Story Time  .. Monday 10 am – starts September 11th  Stories, songs, finger plays, fun arts/crafts!

JOIN US EVERY MONDAY!  ref:  Sandy Steady – Children’s Coordinator


Longmeadow Association Announces Appointment of Thomas Ciarleglio to Board

Thomas Ciarleglio has been appointed to the Longmeadow Association Board of Directors.  Tom fills an open position that has been vacant since June.  He has the position of Member-At-Large.

 Tom is a Production / Inventory Manager for DRT Power Systems LLC. in Winsted Ct. Tom has over 36 years experience and knowledge in coordinating departmental procedures and contractual details, as well as maintaining inventory control and communication with clients, colleagues and suppliers. Tom began his career in at Sikorsky Aircraft working his way up from a helicopter mechanic to Production Control Director.
Tom began his career in at Sikorsky Aircraft working his way up from a helicopter mechanic to Production Control Director. both congratulates and thanks Tom and wishes him success on his position and all his endeavors.


A couple of neighbors have reported seeing coyotes on the property.  So not confuse this with the little fox that has been around.  It is recommend to use caution, keep your smaller pets safe! Here is a link provided to us about coyotes:

2017 Annual Meeting of the Association and Election Results

The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association was held June 25 with 39% of ownership percentage making quorum. 84 units were present or had proxies submitted.   Ownership of 32 units were present at the meeting.

Two board slots were up for election, that which Ruth Nappe and Liza Sivek held.  Liza Sivek, who has served on the board for eight years, did not seek re-election, as had been previously announced.  Ruth Nappe was nominated and accepted the nomination.  No one else was nominated for the other board position.  There was no need for an election and vote counting since the number of owners running did note exceed the number of open positions.  Therefore there is currently one slot open which the Board will seek to fill and anyone interesting in serving on the Board can contact any Board member.  One may ask to 'sit in' on a Board meeting to see what is involved. 

Link to Our Property Manager's Online Payment and Work-Order Submission Portal

Link to sign-in page:
You can 'bookmark' this page for easy access.
You can even attach pictures (image) files to your work-order submission.

Give a Longmeadow Welcome to Tyler Heating and Air Conditioning - our newest web-site sponsor!

Please welcome our newest web site sponsor: Tyler Heating and Air Conditioning. ! (Tyler is our web site co-sponsor with Realtor Barbara Zink )  

Tyler Heating and Air Conditioning is familiar with Longmeadow and has many happy Longmeadow customers and now has a special discount just for mentioning Longmeadow!   Tyler has a special package replacement furnace and central air system that will suit your Longmeadow unit to a T!

Contact Tyler - they'd love to hear from you.  Tyler can answer your questions and provide sales and service for your heating system and air conditioning system,  and also your hot water heater.

Check Tyler's Special Pricing and promotions for Longmeadow residents!

Please call them at 203-378-4700, or email:

Tyler's web site is:

Salem Walk's Mike Allen Appointed to Vacant Board Seat

The board has appointed Mike Allen an interim board member to fill Kit Kaolian's seat, (vacated upon his resignation in February), and the remainder of his two-year tem concluding June 24, 2018.  Mike Allen of Salem Walk is a 49-year-old Connecticut native, father of a 13-year-old daughter and an 11-yearold son. Mike and his fiancée Kelly are active members of the the Special Olympics and autism community.

Mike brings a vast field of experience of business and safety to the Association. He has been a Facilities & Operations Manager for commercial companies in CT throughout his career. He is currently the Director of Safety, Emergency Preparedness & Environment of Care at St. Vincent's Medical Center. As if that is not enough, he has spent 25 years in EMS in Bridgeport, Stratford, Stamford & Norwalk as both a Field Provider (medic) and Operations Manager.

Mike enjoys camping, photography, spending time with his children and Kelly, and has a sense of humor. Mike is also an involved community member and brings a background of professionalism, caring and leadership to the board. We thank him for taking on the interim seat and the position of Member-At-Large for the duration of the term ending June 2018.

The Board members' names, postions, and contact information is here:  Or you can  click on Board and Proprty Manager on the left naviagation bar.

Paving of Salem Walk Completed End of April 2017

This year's phase of the multi-year plan to repave the parking lots has been completed at the end of April.  It took two weeks due to rain delays. Salem Walk has been repaved.  Also a few handicap ramps "cutouts" have been made around all of the roads with all owners and visitors in mind.  Last year a lot of paving was done, most of it was paid for by the Gas company.  We spent a little extra money (about $120K) this year to complete all the roads and parking areas on Salem Walk.

Mulch will be added to the playground by the landscapers this spring. We are getting other quotes on both currently-used type of mulch and also recycled tire mulch.

Other Late Winter  2016 / Early Spring 2017 Updates

The pool is scheduled to be open for Memorial Day Weekend. The tentative close date is Sunday September 10, 2017.

Fence replacement under way. The wood stockade fences area: the 300-foot run of stockade fence along the back of Salem Walk (Buildings #3, 1-15, and #4 17-31) and the 285-foot run on Greenwich Way (in back of Buildings A6, 48-58 GW and A5, 60-70 GW). The new fence will be vinyl (versus wood stockade

Landscaping update:  SCG (the gas company) is sending out a landscaper to fix up the settling, areas with poor drainage/pitch that occurred due to their work.   The fallen tree behind a Greenwich Way unit has been removed., and two trees behind a Salem Walk unit have been removed. Also over the winter, UI’s tree contractor, Lewis Tree Service, removed four trees near the back of 1 SW and the Merwin Avenue sidewalk. Also a few other trees along Merwin will be taken care of. UI is paying for that, however they are not removing the stumps for trees cut down on our property.

During the winter, Sump Pump underground tie-ins to main drainage pipes completed. You probably noticed the two (fake “DogDecoys ®” dogs have been purchased and placed on the lawn by the marsh to deter Canadian Geese. There is one by the clubhouse.

Board Positions Update Coming out of the February 2017 Board Meeting

The board met on Tuesday night (2/22), and a few items to be shared are listed here:

Kit Kaolian will be stepping down as a long time board volunteer and we thank him for his years of dedicated service. This will leave the board with the task of putting in a board member to fulfill the rest of his term.

Liza, current president, will be up for re-election at the June annual meeting, and she will not be running for a board position. Another board member who put in many years to help the Longmeadow Association run as well as possible!

Please consider being an active part of Longmeadow’s future success by serving on the board, or on a committee. We currently have a garden committee that does a great job beautifying the grounds on a shoestring budget every year. We are now looking to create 2 more committees that will help two very important parts of the associations success.

1--- Pool Committee --- the pool is run every year by some folks that are very helpful, and we ask that more folks become involved in training the attendants, monitoring hours for payroll, cleaning/documenting the pool and it’s chemicals, getting the furniture in and out each year, and other tasks that make the pool run each and every year. If you are interested, please let the board know.

2--- Snow committee--- Longmeadow is a large condominium complex and each car is parked outside, making snow removal a chore to say the least. The board feels a committee would serve the community very well when the snows come. To work hand in hand with the snow removal workers and make sure people move cars, make sure areas are all cleared in a timely fashion, make sure piles are put in the best places, etc. It is a very tough task when the bigger snowfalls occur as there is almost nowhere to push the snow.

The board is very involved in the snow removal task and communication is constant when the company arrives to work. We are all aware of the difficulties of the past and the board strives to eliminate them from future snow fall. The snow removal company is onsite for an enormous amount of time during large snowfall and we only strive to make the removal process better!

This year, the association plans on trying to get the pool open for Memorial Day weekend. This is the unofficial start of summer, and the board feels it would be a great asset to have the pool available.

The annual meeting will be held on June 25th this year, and we ask for a positive, showing and lots of positive conversation as you are all in this together and the effort to improve your association is not just on the volunteer board, but the entire complex.

I thank you all for your time and attention and please forward this off, and let folks know that our usage of email is only for items like this, and now the ability to pay online and put in work orders online!

Arin Hayden

Discarding Your Live Christmas Trees

We hope everyone had a joyous holiday season. Important! Your discarded live Christmas trees will be collected January 10th and 11th. They must be left on your patio areas. Please spread the word.

Gas Work and Paving Complete

The paving to patch area dug up by gas line replacement ahs been completed. They expanded and did large areas, and furthermore, our property manger negotiated with he gas company paving to much more done and the association just had to chip in a fraction of what it would have cost us to cover the additional area separately. This saved our unit owners THOUSANDS of dollars in paving budget. Next year, Salam Walk will be completed as part of the planned Association project. It wasn't in the budget to complete this year, but one can thing of this as a free head start courtesy of the gas company.

Thanks for everyone who cooperated during the projects, were, at times, large area of parking lots were not available.

Painting the Parking lots - Completed 11/9/2016

The painting of stripes and numbers on our parking lots had been completed. The cost for painting stripes and numbers on areas paved by the gas company is borne by them.

The Southern Connecticut Gas, SCG, contractors have completed installing all new gas lines in our complex. Each unit, as arranged by appointments, has new gas line service to it, as well as a new outside.

Other Work Updates Sumer/Fal 2016

During the Fall tree and shrub work will take place. The tree stumps near 151 and 182 Penn Common will be removed.  Selected area Trees are being trimmed.  Selected trees or shrubs damaged by the gas work are being replaced (and the Association is getting reimbursed).

Painting of building trim for two buildings on Penn Common was completed in September. A few buildings are done each year on a rotating schedule.

Sump Pump Tie Ins: The three buildings comprising: 61-71 JD, 1-13 JD, 170-188 will get work done to direct basement sump pump discharge underground to drain directly into the catch basin. Currently these pumps drains outside.

Online Portal

Our property manager's online portal went live October 1st. Unit owners will get notification when their respective accounts are set up.  Work orders will need to go through this online system for everyone who has internet access. This system will have numerous upgrades, including an option for paying your fees online at the portal. More details to follow.

Longmeadow Market Report From Barbara Zink.

 For up-to-the minute market information contact Barbara Zink.  Barbara Zink is the exclusive sponsor of our web site and has developed an excellent relationship with our community.  If you are looking to buy or sell, please get in touch with Barbara Zink.  You can phone or text (203) 464-2598 Email   Read More.

Barbara Zink Realtor®

Brick Work - October

Exterior surface brick repair work started in late September and will continue though October, The following areas are in the process of having the mason repair the brick work.  After the damaged bricks have been repaired, the entire surface area will be sealed.

52-54 Salem Walk (back side)

42 Salem Walk (front)

24 Salem Walk (building side)

25-27 Salem Walk (back side)

39 Greenwich Way (front)


For frequent and feedback and all that Facebook has to offer, check the "Longmeadow Condominium Association" Facebook page!
Tip: To keep abreast of what is gong on and also be able to comment of topic, we recommend that, in addition to "LIKEing" the page, you also check (under the LIKE button 'get notifications" and 'show in news feed'.

Certificate of Insurance

Copy of the Certificate of Insurance illustrating the coverage the Association has on the buildings.  You can save this to your PC and use this for your mortgage company, etc.

  2016 Certificate of Insurance


Association Board Meetings Third Tuesday of the Month

Association Board meetings are always the third Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 pm.  They are held at the clubhouse 75 Jackson Drive.  Please note often there is no meeting August and December.  It is best to check.  You may attend any meeting; please contact the board if you wish to attend.  If you have something to discuss, perhaps your item can be scheduled up from on the meeting agenda and you can depart.  You are welcome to sit through an entire meeting if you wish. We recommend that you do contact the board first.

Gas Line Work

June: For about a month, Gas Company work has started.... the Gas Company as you have noticed has contracted the work out to NPL.  NPL is an infrastructure construction company specializing in utility construction services – from urban pipeline projects to residential service lines – NPL is contracted by and works with companies all across the United States.   The Gas Company has contracted NPL to do the work.    NPL is replacing all the gas lines throughout the complex. The lines are as old as the complex, it makes sense to replace everything, than continually repairing / replacing sections.  This will necessitate lot of digging around the complex, including the paved areas.


Late May Update

Gas Company work has started.... the Gas Company (their contractors) will be replacing all of the gas lines throughout the complex. The lines are as old as the complex, it makes sense to replace everything, than continually repairing / replacing sections.  This will necessitate lot of digging around the complex, including the paved areas.

Annual painting of building’s wood surfaces (trim, etc.): The two even Penn Common buildings as 150- 168 (Bldg. 14) and 170-188 (Bldg. A-11) have been selected. R. Austin LLC will do the work and this will start shortly, before the end of the month.

Paving – This year, in summer, we will paving the an area of the Jackson Drive parking lot, curbing and selected walkways from the speed bump (end of last year’s repaving, near front 36 JD, up to the start of the parking spot for 1 JD.

Spring newsletter on its way to everyone's mailboxes.

Longmeadow Condominium Association would like to thank Barbara Zink, REALTOR® and Sales Associate with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, for continuing to sponsor our web site Barbara has years of experience and commitment to the Milford community. Barbara has been a good friend to us and has helped many Longmeadow owners sell their homes, as well as help buyers find their new home right here. If you, your friends or families are ever looking to buy or sell a home, please consider Barbara Zink.

Contact Barbara Zink Sales Associate:
• Email:
• Phone: (203) 878-7424 office; (203) 464-2598 mobile
• Office on the green: 171 Broad St, Milford, CT 06460 

What Goes Down the Drain....

A hot topic in the news is that sewer systems, municipal and otherwise, have been getting clogged by items like baby wipes and other "wipes" that have made our lives more convenient... but at a steep price when they clog our drain pipes, or even worse, jam the impellers on our sewage pumping stations!  Let’s not wait for the next area crisis to be here at Longmeadow!  So, what is the problem? These convenient wipes have plastic in them for strength and do not dissolve or effectively break down when wet. Under no circumstances should these products (even those advertised as "flushable”) be put down our drains.  Consumer Reports showed recently, that even wipes advertised as "flushable" are anything but flushable. In fact, some of these wipes failed to disintegrate in water after 10 minutes, compared to a few seconds for a piece of toilet tissue.  Add cooking grease, detail floss, and repairs can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, each time.

All Longmeadow residents (and really everyone) are asked to help avoid these costly, messy, if not catastrophic) problems: We all need to avoid using the drains for any other than waste water and toilet paper.  Things like wipes, dental floss, sanitary products, grease, hair, cat litter etc., needs to go into the garbage can/

Please read this web page which talks about 11 things we all should never flush down the toilet (or put down any drain).

Taking it a step further, keeping an eye on what you pout down all your drains can save you and your Association a lot of grief.  Even hair, human or otherwise, can cause clogged drains inside your unit. It is so easy to avoid by putting a screen over the bathtub drain. Use a kitchen sink drain screen to catch food scraps and other stuff that can clog the  pipes in your Unit. Greasy frying pan? Try wiping it with a paper towel first, while it is warm. The pan will be easy to clean and you will avoid putting grease down the drain.

Let's work together to help avoid this "avoidable"  problem!

Longmeadow Market Report From Barbara Zink.

 For up-to-the minute market information contact Barbara Zink.  Barbara Zink is the exclusive sponsor of our web site and has developed an excellent relationship with our community.  If you are looking to buy or sell, please get in touch with Barbara Zink.  You can phone or text (203) 464-2598 Email   Read More.

Barbara Zink Realtor®

New Year Greetings From Barbara Zink 

A message from Barbara Zink, Realtor® to Longmeadow Residents... and prospective Longmeadow residents. Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2016!


Use Humidifiers With Caution - Do Not Set Too High

A good way to ensure that the air in your unit is not too dry during the Winter is to ensure that air leaks are sealed and the attic is properly insulated. Why? Anything you can do so that the furnace runs less, will reduce drying of the air. Often humidifiers are misused and set a too high a relative humidity level. If you see water condensing on the windows or walls, it is set too high and that humidity will permeate the walls and the attic and can cause mold and other problems. If you really need to use a humidifier, set it to a low setting:

• If outside temperature is 20 to 40 degrees, humidity indoors should not be more than 40 percent.

• If outside temperature is 10 to 20 degrees, humidity indoors should not be more than 35 percent.

• If outside temperature is up to 10 degrees, humidity indoors should not be more than 30 percent.

 In short, setting a humidifier in your unit too high can cause more damage and health problems that you were trying to prevent.  If you can get by without using a humidifier great.  Things like keeping yourself well hydrated and using a good skin lotion may be enough. If you can keep out drafts and keep the heat set lower, great; anything you do to be able to run the furnace less, will reduce drying of the air in your unit. 

Dumpster Etiquette

When people leave bulk items outside of the dumpster, we have to pay someone to take it to the dump.  The large 30” tube TV that sat outside of the Penn Common dumpster for three weeks did not walk away on its own. 

Now that they holidays are upon us, please remember to recycle as much as you can so the dumpsters to not fill up.  Electronic items, such as computers and TVs must not be put in the dumpster. They need to go to the dump, or have the retailer from whom the replacement was purchased, take your old item.

Canadian Geese Deep Fear of Swans

The two white swans are really decoys the Association obtained as a humane deterrent to Canadian geese.  .

Your Dumpster Seem Full?

Please, if everyone recycled clean cardboard, paper, plastics and glass as they should... and if everyone did not put prohibited items, bulk or otherwise into the dumpsters, there would be plenty of room for household trash.  When putting trash in the dumpster, please throw it to the back.  Often a dumpster appears full and it is half empty.  Be considerate of others.  Elderly people can't easily lift the top lid off the dumpster because some discourteous people did not push their trash to the back to leave the front area open.  Never leave items outside of the dumpster. The trash hauler will not leave the truck to pick up stuff outside the dumpster.

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Tree Cutting September 2014


When filling out Work Orders (redux)

Please do not call the property management to open work orders unless it is an emergency. Please use the written communications channels which are in place: Drop off a form at the clubhouse, Mail to the property manager, Fax or Email.

Snapping Turtle Spotted in Longmeadow Marsh

Sanpping Turtle seen in our marsh.

June 25: While birding on Greenwich Way today, one of our residents was drawn to the sound of some very upset Mallards and discovered a large snapping turtle stalking the marsh, doing his own "birding".  Please (and please encourage your neighbors) do not feed disturb any of the wildlife.  We do NOT want the turtle leaving the marsh.  Parents please keep children away from the marsh and keep pets on a leash.



Update to Approved Shrubbery List in Rules and Regulations

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  All varieties of Arborvitae are now NOT approved.  No new plantings of Arborvitae of any kind are allowed.  Unfortunately, since 2009 we had allowed the dwarf Oriental variety, and the wide Rheingold, and people bought the larger, tall, varieties. 
Also: The Japanese barberry is now considered an "invasive" species and can't be planted so that has been removed. 

The Approved Shrubbery List is in the Documents And Forms section.

For The Birds...

The University of Maine in conjunction with UConn and the University of Delaware is again surveying for birds in tidal marshes through a collaborative effort called the Salt marsh Habitat and Avian Research Program (SHARP). The Association has given them permission to study and access our property. You can read the letter here for more details.

Our marshland will again be the subject of a study this year by UConn.  We’ll keep you posted when we get their results.  The 2013 study gave us the following information:

Bird Species Detected off Greenwich Way:

Baltimore Oriole, Barn Swallow, Blue Jay, Common Grackle, European Starling, Gray Catbird, Green Heron, House Sparrow, Mallard, Red-winged Blackbird, Snowy Egret, Song Sparrow

Plant Species Encountered off Greenwich Way:

Spartina alterniflora, Phragmites australis, Distichlis spicata, Spartina patens


LOMC Has Been Approved!

          Screen Shot from FEMA Web Page!

  LOMA Cert 48-58 Greenwich Way.pdf

  LOMA Cert 60-70 Greenwich Way.pdf

  LOMA Cert 1-13 Jackson Cert.pdf

  LOMA Cert 19-35 Jackson Cert.pdf

  LOMA Cert 61-71 Jackson Cert.pdf

  LOMC 4 bldgs Longmeadow.pdf



Eye on Budget Line Item

The water we use is not free. It is metered at each building and we get billed monthly. The 2014 budget is $48,500 for water. That amounts roughly to $200 per unit. If everyone could cut water usage by 40%, that could save the association $15 - $20,000 per year. We have all read and heard about ways to conserve water use and cut waste. Treat your water use as you would if you were paying out of your pocket… you really are!

• Fix (or let the association know of) water leaks or ‘drips’ (which add up!)
• Water the garden prudently, not gratuitously.
• Use water restricting showerheads (and save on your gas bill too!)
• When replacing a toilet or washing machine, buy the water-saving product.

On a slightly related topic, the we spend a good amount of money clearing out clogs in the main sewage drain pipes coming out of the buildings. Sometimes the clogs are caused by tree roots, things which can't easily be avoided. Sadly, often it is due to stupid stuff like garbage being thrown down the toilet, like wipes and such. Please do not use the plumbing system as a garbage can. Use the trash. Also, try to minimize using a garbage disposal, and try to keep hair from gong down the drain: Keeping a strainer on the shower/tub drain keeps hair (another big source of clogs) out of the system too. \



Hats off to the Grounds & Maintenance Committee! 

The G & M Committee planted a garden around the Longmeadow Association welcome sign at the entrance to Penn Common. The woodwork was stained a charcoal color to reflect a proposed new motif. The woodwork for the Penn Common street signs nearby was also stained. The G & M committee and the Board welcome your feedback. Everyone is invited to take a look. Based on the feedback of residents, your feedback, next Spring additional signage and related woodwork will be done in the same motif. In the photo is Kathy, committee chairperson (on the ladder behind the sign). Also in the photo are Kristen (standing behind the sign) and Joan. Other committee members not in the photo were involved in roto-tilling the ground, purchasing supplies, and other behind-the-scenes work. Next task in line before the cold weather is replacing a couple swing seats in the playground and painting some of the metal playground equipment. Again: Hats off to the entire Grounds & Maintenance Committee: Kathy, Joan, Kristin, Jim, Claire, Dana, Janice, Sue, Randi, Bette and Gary.

When filling out Work Orders

Please do not call the property management to open work orders unless it is an emergency. Please use the written communications channels which are in place: Drop off a form at the clubhouse, Mail to the property manager, Fax or Email.

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Facebook users:  You can check the website and the new Longmeadow Facebook page, titled “Longmeadow Condominium Association” . Friend it. Like it. Check it out for frequent updates! Thanks to our Liza Sivek for creating and administering it.

Nemo:  Milford At the Top with Reports of 38 inches!

Nemo 38 inches on Milford and Longmeadow

The Nemo blizzard dumped a lot of snow. Clearing snow will take time as the governor keeps roads closed to non-emergency travel Saturday. We all need to be patient. We can expect that snow removal will involve extra equipment, more than just plows, to move the snow.  Our snow removal contractor D & D has a bucket loader lined up, plus the plows, bobcat, and 40 shovelers.  Our snow removal procedures for the past couple years have not required owners to remove cars during plowing operations. If there are any special instructions there will probably be some knocking on doors. You can check out the new Longmeadow Facebook page, titled “Longmeadow Condominium Association” .  Like it. Check it out for frequent updates especially during the aftermath of this storm!


Mid-December Update: Drainage Repair Project Status

Our expansive drainage / water damage remediation and repair project has made much progress over the Fall and work will continue through early Winter and into next year.  The rain water drainage system in between Salem Walk's Building 16 (comprising units 26 - 46) and Penn Common's Building 1 (comprising units 151 - 169) was in need of repair, and was woefully under capacity when it was originally constructed.  Bob Austin's team  started work mid-November and has completed this task December 14. This work was challenging, the area in between the buildings had to be dug up, of course, and there were several underground lines had had to be avoided.  Bob Austin and team did an excellent work and  nicely finished off the job with placement of new premium topsoil and careful grading of the ground.

What is next?   After the holidays, work starts on the crawl spaces on Jackson Drives building A-2.

Highlights of the drainage system replacement between Buildings 16 and 1 just completed:

  • Underground rain water drainage pipes removed and replaced with much larger 14-inch diameter pipes for dramatically increased drainage capacity. The original pipes were not only damaged, but only 4 inches in diameter.
  • New catch-basins installed to replace older damaged units.  An additional catch basin was also installed to improve drainage.
  • Sump pumps in unit basements were connected to drain into the main drain pipe.
  • Ground landscaped to pitch down and funnel towards the catch basins.
  • Tree removed to allow optimum location of drain pipe.

Keeping clear of gas, electric and cable wires is a challenge. The new pipes are a larger14 inches in diameter.

Keeping clear of gas, electric and cable wires is a challenge. The new pipes are a large 14 inches in diameter.

Work is capped of with top soil, seeded, and covered with hay.

Photo credits:  Bob Fiore, Salem Walk

Longmeadow Fares OK in Sandy's Aftermath

Storm Sandy knocks down a few of our trees.  All and all we fared well!

One of about a dozen tree incidents in Sandy's wake.  Longmeadow made out OK.

Storm Sandy headed inland early and spared our area from a few additional feet of tidal surge, and additional rain, wind and flooding. A few trees and large branches were down. Our emergency generator at our  waste-water pumping station kicked in when the power went out to that building. Considering the likelihood that things could have been much worse, we fared well.

Bulk Trash / Using Milford's Transfer Station

As you know, all bulk trash items such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, furniture, tires, etc. are not to be placed in dumpsters. As you know too, the City of Milford provides us bulk trash pickup during the summer – typically in July or August – and you will receive a notice when our bulk trash pick-up is scheduled.
Did you know it is easy to take such items to the Milford transfer Stations (a.k.a. the dump). You do not have to wait until Bulk pickup time.
Here are the particulars for taking bulk items, and many other items that should not be discarded with household waste, such as electronics, to the Milford Transfer Station:
Address: 755 Oronoque Road, Milford.
Hours: Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Closed for Lunch - 12:00 to 12:30)
Saturday Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Seasonal Extended Hours (April to November) Saturdays for Residents Only 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (no commercial haulers will be permitted after 12:00 noon)
You must have Proof of ID as Milford Resident. If you have any questions about permits, items that are accepted , or pricing call (203) 874-1599.
NO HAZARDOUS MATERIALS are accepted, such as oil-based paints or propane tanks
Clean Residential Oil and Antifreeze accepted, up to 5 gallons
The Transfer Station will no longer accept Sheetrock or Plaster. These items may be brought to:
Waste Conversion, 221 Old Gate Lane, Milford, CT 06460 (Residents will be responsible for any charges).
The City’s transfer station web page:

Dunbar & New Haven Ave Crosswalk

Earlier this year, Board member Liza Sivek sent an inquiry to Philip J. Vetro, Chairman of the Milford Board of Alderman requesting a yellow, stand-alone “pedestrian crossing" sign for the crosswalk at Dunbar Road and New Haven Avenues just outside Longmeadow's Dunbar walkway.  This crosswalk is utilized by many residents. Mr. Vetro forwarded the request to the Milford Police Commission and Liza was contacted by a sergeant.  As it turns out, that section of New Haven Avenue is a State road and the State of Connecticut does not allow any signage in the roadway. However, because it is a State road, the roadside pedestrian signage and the painted crosswalk are actually larger and better than what the city would provide.
Something which not many people are aware of: it is conventional wisdom that it is State law that drivers must stop for pedestrians waiting at a crosswalk. This has led to many frustrated people, and dirty looks at drivers as they speed by. Guess what? We're wrong. It is actually the pedestrian's job to wait for an ease in traffic before starting to cross and THEN drivers have to yield. A car that goes through a crosswalk while a pedestrian is still crossing-you know, when they drive AROUND you-can be given a ticket. Conversely, if the driver sees you waiting and stops to let you cross, while it seems very polite, they are actually in violation by impeding traffic!

Maintenance and Prepping for Sandy

Getting ready for tropical storm Sandy with a new window well cover installed on the side of Salem Walk's Bld. 16.  Photo submitted by Bob Fiore.

Mid-October Update

Drainage work is continuing into autumn. The latest drainage area being rebuilt is between Penn Common’s Building 1 and Salem Walk’s building 16. The repaving work has been completed last month, our property manager will be doing a final walkthrough with the paving contractor next week. The board and property manager are looking at replacing the analog phone lines going to the pump station with a digital cellular service which will result in a cost savings. On the topic of Flood Insurance and our having additional buildings moved into the 100-year flood zone, the association will be hiring an engineer to survey the borderline Penn Common building to see if it really meets the flood zone criteria. The end goal is to minimize further increases in flood insurance. After the board’s execution of due diligence, the decision has been made to renew the snow removal contact with D & D.  Budget meeting Sunday October 21 (see below).

2013 Budget Approval Meeting Sunday, October 21

Unit owners will be getting an official notice of a 2013 Budget review meeting. This meeting Sunday, 7:00 pm, October 21st , 2012 at the clubhouse, 75 Jackson  Drive. Attendance is optional; a quorum of unit owners is not needed. Unit
owners can attend and discuss and provide feedback to the proposed 2013 budget.  Owners can vote for or against the budget. As will be detailed in the letter:  2013 has challenges. Some of the budget highlights include replacement of the
45-year-old waste-water (sewage) pumping station. Increases in insurance costs, water, electricity, plus continued planned drainage repair / improvement work has impacted the 2013 budget. The proposed 2013 budget. similar to last year,  includes an increase in common charges and a special assessment. The details are in the letter each unit owner will have received before October 10.

Payment Coupon Books are History at Longmeadow

For 2013, there will not be coupon-style payment books. Unit owners will get a letter informing them of their respective monthly common charge payments and special assessment payments.  The letter will have the payment amounts and due dates.  The association will save several hundred dollars by not printing coupon books.  Many people pay online, and many were not using the coupons anyway.  The property management company just needs to know "Longmeadow", the Unit Address, and whether the payment is directed towards common charges or special assessments.  Detailed instructions will b provided to each unit owner.

Heavy Rains Wallop Our Area Friday (9/28)

Contractors were brought on-site to dry things out where water got into the
basements. A couple of Penn Common Building #1 units, for example, had problems
that will be need to be addressed by our contractor. A point to note: sometimes well-intentioned but
improper planting of shrubs by an owners can made a problem worse by trapping
water close to the unit, versus letting the grade pitch down and let water drain
away from the foundation.

Shrubs Planted in Anita Sanford's Memory

In early Spring, our Anta Sanford of Greenwich Way passed away.  She was, among other things, an avid gardener and took pride in Longmeadow and volunteered her time and talent in the community,  She planted and cared for many Longmeadow common-area gardens over the years and was well loved by her friends and neighbors at Longmeadow.   Dr. Marie Sanford , the daughter of Anita and her husband Fred, purchased and planted flowering shrubs by the clubhouse in memory of her mother.  Thank you Marie.

Sidewalk Repairs Underway

KW Paving and Concrete LLC has been going to town repairing our sidewalks to our specifications, and then some.  The work started at the beginning of August and should be wrapped up soon.  Thanks to the residents for cooperating, thanks to Ken Woodtke and team for doing a great job.

It's the Law:  Electronic Computers, Monitors and TVs are Not to be Put in Regular Trash

Too often we see TVs, computers, monitors, etc. put into our dumpsters.  These items are banned from regular trash (and landfills) in Connecticut as January 1, 2011.  These items should be taken to recycling centers, the Milford dump (which will recycle them,) or you can wait for bulk pickup next year.  The chemicals in CRTs  and most electronics are dangerous and burning them or having them go into a landfill is hazardous.  If any resident sees anyone disposing of banned materials into any Longmeadow dumpster please notify a  Board member.  Small electronic items, such as cell phones, tablets and all forms of rechargeable batteries can often be dropped off at electronic retailers who will ensure that they are recycled.  


Current Contact Information for our Property Management Company: Levey Miller Maretz

The old phone numbers for ROLAR in time will stop forwarding to Levey Miller Maretz. Everyone should be using the new (current) phone numbers and address information for Levey Miller Maretz. Please check your "address books" and remove references to ROLAR's old address and old phone numbers. Please ensure your records and 'Rolodex' have the following:

Levey Miller Maretz

1768 Litchfield Turnpike
Woodbridge, CT 06525

203-387-9700 phone
203-389-6302 fax

The work request form is available online too.

News Update for the Ides of March

  • Bulk pick up for condominiums will be Wednesday, June 27, 2012. More information will be forthcoming.
  • Recycling tip of the month:  You can and should recycle printed items such as: 
    Junk mail: ads, inserts, etc
    Paper bags
    School and office papers
  • The first payment of the 2012 Special Assessments was due March 1st. The remaining payments are due of the first day of June, September and December of 2012. If you can pay in advance, great!
  • On Saturday, April 14th, The Woodmont Fire Company will be holding its annual SPRING TAG SALE from 9am to 3pm. See details below.

Properties Link

The following link will list some of the area properties believed to be currently for sale.  This is not an offer, anyone interested in purchasing a property at Longmeadow can contact a real estate agent, such as our web site sponsor REALTOR (R) Andrea Brower Click here to view area listings.


Late Winter Updates

The first installment of the 2012 special assessment is due shortly, March 1st.  Thanks to all who paid (or will pay) in full, this helps the Association's cash flow.  Lots of work will start up in the Spring.  Or is it Spring already?

Please contact any Board member if you or anyone you know might be interested in buying an old Steinway upright piano.  Yes, this is the piano in the clubhouse.

The meeting minutes from the January Special Meeting is posted online. This meeting was a requirement for the bank loan and it involved voting on the 2012 budget.

Special Meeting to Ratify 2012 Budget Sunday January 8

A special meeting will be held Sunday January 8th, 7:00 p.m. at the Jackson Drive Clubhouse. This meeting is required by the bank as part of the loan process.  Owners are not required to attend (that is, there is no quorum required for this meeting).  Owners should look through the materials delivered the last week of December.

Unit Owner / Resident Contact Information

All owners need to fill out the "Owner Information" form that was distributed with the meeting letter.  This form is not related to the meeting but rather ensures that the property management has the current and correct information about each household.  This information is kept private is and to provide better service.  If there is an emergency this information is essential.  It is in each owner's and / or resident's interest that this form is properly filled out and sent to our property manager.  If anyone needs a form, please contact any board member and another one can be provided.

Change in Recycling Pickup to Every Tuesday

Longmeadow Association has switched to a different rubbish removal company.  The switch to TrashMasters was based on cost savings, no one should infer that there was any problem with the prior carting company.  The new contract will save the association about $300 a month.

With this change comes a change in the recycle pickup.  The new recycle pickup day is Tuesday.  The interval is every week. Now that the recycle pickup is every Tuesday, it will be easier for residents to recycle more things.  Remember recycling should include clean cardboard.  (Small cardboard boxes, such as from empty cereal boxes and the like can be flattened and stacked in a paper bag and put out with recycling.).  As always, check out the "Information and FAQ" section of this web site for detailed information about recycling.

How Will Milford's New Single Stream Recycling Program Impact Longmeadow?

The City of Milford does not collect garbage and recycling from Longmeadow and other Milford condominiums.  Longmeadow contracts with private companies for both the recycling and garbage pickup.

Longmeadow has had single stream recycling for a while. We have been recycling such things as clean cardboard and paper in addition to newspaper and we have not needed to separate glass from plastics and metals, for example, in our bins. All items may be placed together into the bin. There is no need to sort the materials. All items must be free of food and garbage.

Continue to recycle clean cardboard, such as from cereal boxes (without any liner) ad the like.  Flattening the boxes and putting them in paper bags is a good way to present such materials.  Large cardboard boxes should be 'broken down' and flattened and tied together to form a neat stack.

Residents of Longmeadow will continue to use the current blue bins.  There are no immediate plans to obtain larger bins.  The City will not be giving the large green bins to condominium units.

The recycling changes affecting Longmeadow are primarily that we can recycle more items.

  • All plastics #1 through #7
  • Printed matter:  Recycling includes Corrugated and chipboard paper, cereal and juice boxes, tissue boxes, paper egg cartons, pasta boxes, shoe boxes, packing boxes, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, catalogs, paper bags, school and office papers.

Keep checking for updates.

Stay posted for more details as we get them..

Properties Link

The following link will list some of the area properties believed to be currently for sale.  This is not an offer, anyone interested in purchasing a property at Longmeadow can contact a real estate agent, such as our web site sponsor REALTOR (R) Andrea Brower Click here to view area listings.

Filtering Your Water, 15% Discount from Water Solutions!  Smart Holiday Gift Idea

Many of us have realized the health benefits of drinking plenty of water.  But the high cost, environmental issues, and overall inefficiencies of bottling, trucking and buying bottled water can be frustrating.   Who knows what is exactly in the bottled water? We see tons of empty water bottles in our recycle bins, and sadly in the dumpster too, all of which illustrates the additional cost of disposing all of these water bottles. has arranged a unique, exclusive discount for residents of Longmeadow with Dale Abbott and his company A-Water Solutions of West Haven.  Longmeadow residents gat a 15% discount on products from A-Water Solutions.

By filtering your tap water, you can have the taste and health benefits of drinking water, but without the high cost and inconvenience.   You (your family, your pets, your home) can have purified water for just a few pennies a gallon.  You can have Filtered purified water for more than just drinking: Pure water for rinsing fruits and vegetables, making coffee and other beverages, cooking and baking, boiling pasta, drinking water for your pets, and more. 

A-Water Solutions, offers better quality micro-filtration systems that will run circles around what you could buy in a store.  One of their offerings  is a small counter-top unit that you can easily install yourself.  For  Longmeadow residents it is now just $127.50.   Anyone who is interested can call Dale Abbott’s office:  he can answer your questions, and if you’d like place your order at the discounted price.  1-800-291-3533 or 203-937-1466.  You can visit for plenty more information. arranged this exclusive discount as a service to Longmeadow residents.  There has been no exchange of payment or consideration for this.  If other companies wish to offer Longmeadow residents a discount and be mentioned on this web site, they may contact the Kit Kaolian or any board member for review. Disclaimer.

What's in a Number?

Thanks to Gary Houston for his efforts.  Gary volunteered to repaint the parking space numbers.  He has painted most of Salem Walk's  numbers and will continue throughout the complex as time permits.  The numbers have faded and his efforts will help out both residents and visitors, and save the association money.

Swans in the Meadow

Longmeadow06460 phto by Michelle D'Aiuto photo by Michelle D'Aiuto

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Your Tap Water

You are not alone in noticing that the tap water in our area tastes lousy and smells... of chlorine and who knows exactly what else.  A good quality water filter will remove all the chlorine and most of the other chemicals that get into the tap water supply. has arranged with A-Water Solutions of West Haven to provide an exclusive 15% discount to Longmeadow owners, residents and their families.  Dale Abbott's company provides water filtration system for your home.  A small counter-top unit that you can install yourself is less than $150.00 and pays for itself quickly.  There are also under-the counter filters systems that ensure all for the tap water is safe, clean and fresh.  A shower head filter ensures you shower with chlorine removed.  

If the quality of the tap water has been bothering you, or if you want to save money and time by not having to buy water bottles, give Dale Abbott of A-Water Solutions a call at 1-800-291-3533 or 203-937-1466.  Mention you are from Longmeadow Condominiums to receive your 15% discount on your entire purchase.   Catalog

Updated Garden Rules and Regulations

The Garden Area supplement to the Longmeadow Condominium Rules and Regulations has been updated by the Board and distributed to each mailbox.  A copy is also online in the "Documents and Forms" section of the website.  The approved shrubbery list is also posted online.


Recycling: It's Mandatory

Recycling is mandatory.  There seems to be the impression that it is optional.  So much of what is seen in the dumpsters, which at times are full, belongs in resident's recycling bins.  In addition to consumer glass, #1 #2 plastics, aluminum and tin cans, and newsprint - Let's not forget cardboard and "junk mail".  Clean cardboard, from such things as empty cereal or laundry soap boxes, can be flattened, placed in a paper bag or tied with twine,  and put out with the recycle bins. Check out our recycling information page.   Check out the recycling FAQ too.

[Aug. 7] Work Heats Up on Building 16, 26 - 46 Salem Walk

Sealtite crew Mike, Steve and John working on Building 16.  Photo taken August 7, 2009

Sealtite's Mke installs vapor barrier.  Photo by David Foss.  August 7, 2009

n the above photos, Seal-Tite's Mike nails down the vapor barrier material which is installed over the eave area. Steve is finishing up removing the old shingles; John (yellow shirt) is the crew chief.  They are overhead 46 and 44 Salem Walk.

Work on Building #16, comprising 26 - 46 Salem Walk, .began Thursday July 30th.  The first phase of roofing construction is performed by Bob Austin and his team of Joe and Dave.  They start roofing reconstruction on a building with removal of the gutters.  The eaves are extended and vented soffits are installed. (See photo below)   When they finish one side of the building, Seal-Tite can start their phase with removing  the old shingles. 

David and Joe:  Soffit reconstruction on Bld. 16 Aug. 7, 2009

Above, Bob Austin's David (foreground) and Joe start the east side, the second side, of building 16.   The gutters have been  removed and Dave and Joe are about to extend the eaves and install vented soffits.  Seal-Tite is simultaneously working on the opposite side of the building.

Building #A3, comprising Units 30 - 38 Jackson Drive has been completed.

Section III Item D. 

In our Longmeadow Rules and Regulations:

There shall be no ball playing of any kind by adults or children, residents or guests, in the common areas. All ball playing [and the like] shall take place in the playground area.

Based on the notes that sometimes get left on people's car windshields, it is still apparent that some do not understand the parking rules.  Unnumbered sports are for residents.  Those unnumbered spots in a particular area an not dedicated exclusively to residents in that area.  Just as an example, a resident from Penn Common may legally park in an unnumbered spot in a Salem Walk lot  Any resident may park a car in the Visitors' parking spaces near the pool on Salem Walk or in the Visitors' spaces on Jackson Drive.

Let's remember to use the playground for ball playing and the like and be courteous to our neighbors.  Let's ask our kids to use the playground and not be disruptive or damage any resident's property by playing sports in the common areas near people's units.

If you have any news, photos, stories or information of interest for, your website, email

Egret Enjoying the Solitude of Longmeadow's Marsh

One Lonely Egret - Photo by Michele D'Aiuto

In this photo taken this June by Michele D'Aiuto, this egret seems to enjoy the peace and solitude.

Work-Order Forms

Just a reminder that work order forms can be faxed to our property manager, Bob Shelnitz (Rolar Management).  The form is always just a click away in the  Documents and Forms zone

2009 Roofing Reconstruction Season Kickoff

The 2009 Roofing Reconstruction season will kick off soon.  Bob Austin, roofing reconstruction project manager,  in conjunction with Seal-Tite, has selected the first four buildings to undergo work this year.

The end of the 2008 roofing project season marked a milestone: All of the buildings which had roofs in noticeably poor shape have been completed.  Seven buildings were completed during 2008.

You can see the big picture right here on your

The latest Board of Directors meeting minutes are added to the Documents and Forms section of

The Clubhouse is a  Great Venue...

The freshly-decorated clubhouse can be a great place for your to host your Holiday events.  Contact Bob Shelnitz, our property manager at ROLAR management to book your date! Telephone (203) 387-9700.

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Original Longmeadow Brochure Added to "Photo Gallery"

Last month we showed you the original Longmeadow Logo.  We have recently added pages from an original Longmeadow sales brochure.  Click on the "Photo Gallery" tab on the left-side navigation bar.  Check often as we add new memorabilia from the 1969 materials we received from Salem Walk's Jim Moore, on original owner.

News Archive Page and (New!) Roofing Project Archive Page

Visit the news archive page to view recent articles and photos you may have missed.

Visit the new Roofing Project Archive age.  Pictures and updates from our multi-year roofing project.


Seal-tite Roofing works on Longmeadow's Building 17, Salem Walk. Photo by Bob Fiore.

In the above photo, a Seal-Tite  roofer removing old shingles from Building 17. 

About Web Site Sponsorships

The Sponsor Directory is an ideal way for businesses and professionals to reach over 200 households, their friends and families, as well as past and potential future residents. Sponsorships are available at different price levels to match your budget and goals.  Advertising in the Directory is great not only for local merchants and professionals, but also local residents who may offer services such as sitting or tutoring.  Please email Bob Fiore and Kit Kaolian at  (new address updated Sept 15, 2009) for more information and sponsorship pricing information.  Longmeadow Association Inc. does not and can not endorse any particular sponsor.  All  consumers, residents, and potential sponsor-advertisers and should read the legal disclaimer.  

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Locking Your Vehicle

We strongly recommend that you lock your vehicle.  It is also a good idea to keep valuables in your trunk, if they need to be in your vehicle at all.  A couple of unlocked vehicles which were parked in our lots have had items stolen recently.  Please keep an eye out for suspicious activity, such as people walking around and tugging at door handles to see if the cars are locked.

It Pays to Read the Bylaws!

Please note: Owners or tenants are not to change the exterior of any Longmeadow unit in any way without prior approval of the Longmeadow Association Board of Directors. This includes, but is not limited to: windows, front or back doors, patio sliders, siding, extension of the patio slab, trees, bushes, etc. These items are common elements under control of the Association, not any individual unit owner. Some interior items, such as some of plumbing, are also common elements.

Unit owners and residents are encouraged to read and understand the Longmeadow Association bylaws and keep abreast of updates to the bylaws. It is a good idea to periodically review the bylaws and regulations of the association. Unit owners may be held liable for intentional or accidental damage or unauthorized modifications to common elements. Unit owners may be held responsible for any legal fees incurred by the Association to remedy damage or unauthorized modifications to common events by unit owner or tenant.
If you need a copy of the Bylaws, please contact Rolar Management. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact members of the association board of directors.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the property manager will effect the repair, or replacement you were going to make!  For example, if you have an old front door that lets air or water leak in, turn in a work order.  The property management company, under the auspices of the Association, will, in most cases, replace or repair the door at no direct cost to the unit owner.

Please contact the board in writing for an official approval of any modifications you wish to make inside or outside. This can save you time, trouble and money. This can improve your safety and the safety of all residents of Longmeadow. This can increase the resale value of Longmeadow units.

Planning on remodeling, such as your kitchen or bathroom?  Notify and request authorization from the Board of directors in writing before you start your project!

Want to plant a shrub yourself? Notify and request authorization from the board of directs in writing.

Think you need a new front door or slider? Submit a work order.

Need a copy of the Longmeadow Association Bylaws? Contact Rolar Management.

New work request form Online under 'Documents and Forms' zone

Longmeadow residents and owners now have another option for submitting work request forms to our property manager.   We now have an online form that you can conveniently and quickly fill out online  in your browser and print, and even fax, if desired, to Rolar Management.  The form is always just a click away in the Documents and Forms zone.  You fill out the form in your browser, so both you and Rolar Management have a neat, legible work order.  You'll have more space for you to describe your issue.  The form can be faxed to Rolar using the fax number on the form.  You stall can choose to print and mail and mail the form to Rolar, or drop it off at the clubhouse.  If you are at work, or otherwise far away from the clubhouse, you can have your work request in Rolar's office in just a few minutes, instead of up to a few days.  Blank forms can be printed out ahead of time and neatly filled out longhand for when a computer is not accessible.   The original three-part forms will still be available at the clubhouse mailbox.  Whatever method you choose, keep a copy of your submitted request for your records.  If you have questions, problems, or any feedback about the new form, or any facet of,  you can email web site feedback to (new address updated Sept. 15, 2009)

Visitor Parking

There are two visitor parking areas at Longmeadow.  One is at the end of Salem Walk, the unnumbered spaces facing the pool.  One would enter from the Salem Walk (westernmost) driveway.  The other parking area is at the end of Jackson Drive.  One would enter the Greenwich Way (easternmost) driveway and continue to the end.   The visitor spaces are the unnumbered spaces around the island.   Both visitor parking areas are in back near the clubhouse and pool.  Residents of households with more than one car may wish to park the vehicle that is used less frequently in the visitor's parking area as a courtesy to help alleviate the shortage of unnumbered spots in areas where parking is tight.  A map of Longmeadow is presented in the Information and FAQ section of our web site.

News Archive Page and (New!) Roofing Project Archive Page

Visit the news archive page to view recent articles and photos you may have missed.

Visit the new Roofing Project Archive age.  Pictures and updates from our multi-year roofing project.

Map of Longmeadow

A line drawing map of Longmeadow is online. Click on the "Information And FAQ" tab.  You can also download a 8 x 11" printable copy.

New Rules and Regulations in Effect

Due to some recent events and problems, the Board of Directors has revised the Rules and Regulations regarding dogs on leashes and roaming.  The fines for violations has been increased. The majority of our community members obey the rules and has respect for others and other's pets. If you observe any violations of the following rules, PLEASE write a letter and put it in the clubhouse mail slot; without documentation we cannot assess a fine.

The revised Rules and Regulations has been mailed to owners and is available online.

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Clubhouse Rental

Unit owners can rent our clubhouse on 75 Jackson Drive for private events.  Kitchen facilities and restrooms are on the lower level.  Rolar Management should be contacted to book the clubhouse. Go to "Information and FAQ" for pricing information.

Recycling Update:

Recycling is something we all must do.  See our Information and FAQ pages to find out more about recycling at Longmeadow. Please don't discard recyclable materials in the dumpster. Find out answers to popular questions: "What do I do with old Phone Books?"  "All those numbers... what plastics should I recycle?"
Go to our Information and FAQ pages. 

News Archive Page and (New!) Roofing Project Archive Page

Visit the news archive page to view recent articles and photos you may have missed.

Visit the new Roofing Project Archive age.  Pictures and updates from our multi-year roofing project.

News Archive pre-2010: Selected web news items from 2009, 2008 and 2007