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Summer 2021 New Pool Rules + Hold Harmless Agreement

Recall June 2, 2021 there was a special meeting to vote on new pool rules and the Hold-harmless agreement. That passed.  They took effect June 5.  See the PDF for a copy of the hold-harmless agreement whcich pool and amenties users must sign.  Also, here is an update of the pool rules, current as of August 9, 2021.

Pool Notice - Rules - Effective August 9, 2021

This is for "Common Amenities, such as the pool."

Longmeadow HHA Pool Waiver.pdf


We Have the best-looking Hydrants in Milford

Bob Fiore has volunteered his time once again to paint the fire hydrants here in Longmeadow. Bob has been doing this for over a decade, however, this time he brought it up a notch, so after using a wire brush on his power drill, he cleaned each hydrant thoroughly, then primed them both before applying two coats of the Connecticut Fire Code approved yellow paint. The fire hydrants were done in four stages, so it took four days to complete.

Updated List of Board Members

As of October 2021, this is the current, updated, list of our board members.  For specific contact information, go to the "Board And Property Management" tab,

President  - Tom Ciarleglio
Vice President   -  Ruth Nappe
Secretary   -  Virginia Veneziano
Treasurer  -   Amanda Nissenbaum
Member at Large  -  Maureen Pasko

Welcome aboard Amanda!

 The pool season ended a little after Labor Day and the Board thanks Bob Steady for his help.  For the 2021 - 2022 Winter season Milford Quality Landscaping is our contractor and they are working the board to improve things.  Over the summer much tree work has been done. We are talking to professinal to get repalcement trees that will not grow gig adn tall. up to 8' is a desired maximum height in most areas. 


Bulk pickup will be Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The 2021 date for condo bulk pickup is early Wednesday morning June 9.  You will need to put items starting Saturday June 5 in the special roped-off areas adjacent to the Salem Walk visitors' parking lot and the pool.
Please read what is acceptable and what items are prohibited from bulk pickup.

We will have an area set up as we always do in front of the pump station.

Please do not put items out before we set up the area the weekend before the 9th.

Hazardous waste
Liquid Waste including oil-based paint
Propane Tanks
Grass clippings, logs, and stumps
Sheetrock, concrete/cement, bricks, porcelain tubs, sinks or toilets and other demolition material
-----Residential Haz Waste drop-off dates will be noticed once the schedule is available. See for more information.
-----Paints including Oil Based & Latex may be dropped off to Colony Paint,

-----Propane Tank drop-off dates will be noticed once the schedule is available.


What Goes Down the Drain....

A hot topic in the news is that sewer systems, municipal and otherwise, have been getting clogged by items like baby wipes and other "wipes" that have made our lives more convenient... but at a steep price when they clog our drain pipes, or even worse, jam the impellers on our sewage pumping stations!  Let’s not wait for the next area crisis to be here at Longmeadow!  So, what is the problem? These convenient wipes have plastic in them for strength and do not dissolve or effectively break down when wet. Under no circumstances should these products (even those advertised as "flushable”) be put down our drains.  Consumer Reports showed recently, that even wipes advertised as "flushable" are anything but flushable. In fact, some of these wipes failed to disintegrate in water after 10 minutes, compared to a few seconds for a piece of toilet tissue.  Add cooking grease, detail floss, and repairs can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, each time.

All Longmeadow residents (and really everyone) are asked to help avoid these costly, messy, if not catastrophic) problems: We all need to avoid using the drains for any other than waste water and toilet paper.  Things like wipes, dental floss, sanitary products, grease, hair, cat litter etc., needs to go into the garbage can/

Please read this web page which talks about 11 things we all should never flush down the toilet (or put down any drain).

Taking it a step further, keeping an eye on what you pout down all your drains can save you and your Association a lot of grief.  Even hair, human or otherwise, can cause clogged drains inside your unit. It is so easy to avoid by putting a screen over the bathtub drain. Use a kitchen sink drain screen to catch food scraps and other stuff that can clog the  pipes in your Unit. Greasy frying pan? Try wiping it with a paper towel first, while it is warm. The pan will be easy to clean and you will avoid putting grease down the drain.

Let's work together to help avoid this "avoidable"  problem!