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Roofing Reconstruction Project Update (August)

Roofing reconstruction on Building A-11, comprising Penn Common units 170 - 188 is underway.  The first phase of work on the building is about to wrap up. The second phase has recently started with the roofers on site.   Work on Building 2 and Building 15, Salem Walk units  2 - 24 and 48 - 60 respectively, was completed this summer. Jackson Drive units 16-28,  and Greenwich Way units 48-58 were completed earlier this year.

Bob Austin (facing) and Joe working on gutters and soffits.  Photo by Bob Fiore.

Bob Austin, roofing reconstruction project manager (facing) and Joe start the first phase of roofing reconstruction on a building with removal of the gutters.  The eaves are extended and vented soffits are installed. 

The second phase of roofing reconstruction involves the removal of the layers of old shingles, repairs to the roofing deck, installation of felt underlayment, and finally the installation of beautiful new architectural shingles.  Seal-Tite is our roofing contractor.  The Seal Tite crew (above) nail in each new shingle by hand.  Hand-nailing is the most accurate way to ensure that shingles are fastened properly.

Work shifts back to Bob Austin (above) and his crew after the new roofing has been installed. The third and final phase of a building's roofing reconstruction includes the installation of new seamless gutters, downspouts and chimney surrounds.


PLEASE NOTE:  For the safety of the workers, it may be necessary to remove bushes to allow easy access to the roof. If bushes are cut down and removed from around your unit, the Board will review that area after all work has been completed to see if replacement(s) will be planted. Shutters may also be removed and replaced at the end of the job. In addition, there may be some damage done to screens or window wells while work is being done. Each building will be inspected at the end of the job and repairs/replacements made as necessary. Please do not call Rolar Management or the Board of Directors concerning these issues while the roofing project for your building is still in progress. There is nothing that can be done until the work is finished on your building.

Jackson Drive units 16-28, Salem Walk units 2 - 24 and 48 - 60, and Greenwich Way units 48-58 have been already been completed this year. Weather and scheduling permitting, the next buildings we hope to complete in 2007 are 170-188 Penn Common and 1-13 Jackson Drive.

To recap: Our roofing reconstruction project is proceeding quite well and at a steady pace. In 2006 five buildings in the complex were completed.  Newsletters and this web site will keep you abreast of progress and of upcoming work.
Our roofing reconstruction project includes much more than installing new roofing shingles. The existing two layers of shingles are being removed, and when needed, repairs to the roofing deck will be made.  Along with the roofing reconstruction, we are replacing gutters and downspouts, chimney surrounds along with the flashing and installing better/new/ more efficient soffit vents.

When your building is scheduled to be worked on, you will receive a notice in your mailbox. Please note that at that time all patios must be cleared of tables, chairs, and anything movable. (You may leave these items in the BACK grassy areas during the duration.) The Association and the roofers are not responsible for moving your belongings nor for any plantings that may ruined during construction.

Keep checking for the latest updates and photos.

Roofing Reconstruction Progressing on Seventh Building

Work is progressing on the seventh, and final,  building for this year, building A-4, comprising units 61 - 71 Jackson Drive.   In the photo below, taken December 16th, Seal-tite crews get an early start on this cold December morning.

Seal-tite crew working on A-4 on a cold December morning.